Earn money on the fly and stay in charge of your data

The new auskunft.de app!

auskunft.de is the app that pays you for your actions. Explore your new opportunities.

auskunft.de is the new search engine for local businesses and service providers with a real benefit for the user.
You will get rewarded for checking-in at company locations, uploading pictures of stores, writing reviews and more.

Afterwards you are able to spend the money in your virtual wallet. Transfer it to a cryptocurrency exchange platform or donate it to one of our partner charity organisations.

How doeauskunft.de work in 113 seconds

Your advantages

Free user account

We pay you for your reviews, photos, check-ins and much more

Your data is safe

No subscription needed

Free app on the go

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How can you earn money with the auskunft.de app?

With your opinion

How did you like the cake in the small café around the corner? How satisfied were you with the performance of the painter? Can you recommend the recently employed tire dealer? Spread the word and let others benefit from your experiences.

Your opinion is definitely worth the money and we will directly refund your ratings in your auskunft.de crypto-wallet.

With your photos

A picture easily says more about a new restaurant, a flower shop or a second-hand shop than words can express. Uploading pictures helps to give other users a first impression of the facility, the products and the atmosphere of a store.

Upload some pictures of the visited stores and you will directly receive a payment into your auskunft.de crypto-wallet..

With your check ins

You are at your favorite bakery? You’re reading up on better insurance conditions at an insurance agency? You’re meeting your friends at a local pub? These are all great opportunities to transfer your visits in money.

Just check in on a company profile with the app and an amount of money will immediately be credited to your auskunft.de crypto-wallet.

Do something good in 4 steps


Download the auskunft.de-App from the App Store or PlayStore and sign up.


Choose actions you want to use to earn money with. You stay in control of your data


Search for companies, check-in, review services and take pictures of stores. All these actions will earn you money in your auskunft.de-wallet.


Use the money you’ve earned and donate any amount to one of our charity partners.