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With the app you can easily earn money

Download the app. Create a user account with your personal data. Define in the settings, with which information you want to earn money and with which data you do not want to share. You retain the full control of your given data. We will pay you for your defined actions on You get automatically your own crypto wallet. Become a conscious data producer.

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Your opinion is definitely worth the money

How did you like the cake in the small café at the corner? How satisfied were you with the performance of the painter? Can you recommend the recently employed tire dealer? Spread the word and let benefit others from your experiences. Your opinion is definitely worth the money and we will refund your rating directly in your crypto wallet.

Illustrate your experiences with service providers and companys

Pictures say more about a new restaurant, a flower shop or a second-hand shop than words can easily express. With your taken pictures you can give other user a first impression of the facility, the products and the atmosphere of the store. Upload some pictures of the visited stores and you will get directly in reverse money into your crypto wallet.

A visit of your service provider will be worth while

You are at your favorite bakery? At a insurance agency you want to inform yourself about better conditions? You meet your friends at a local pub. These are all good opportunities to transfer your visits in money. Just check in the company page via the app: Immediately a small amount of money will credited to your crypto wallet.